Hokenson Group plays a major role in helping Alpine-X onboard Bode Miller as a key investor and advisor. Alpine-X aims to bring large-scale indoor snowsports resorts to the North American market.


Hokenson Group co-founded and is developing the market penetration strategy for Alpine-X, a Joint-Venture with SnowWorld in the Netherlands. SnowWorld is a publicly-traded company that builds, owns, and operates Indoor Ski and Snowsports facilities throughout Europe. Alpine-X will build, own, and operate Indoor Snowsports Facilities throughout the U.S. and Mexico, in key strategic markets.

“I believe in 10 to 15 years, we’ll look back on Alpine-X as the most impactful thing to happen to alpine sports in the last century.”

Bode Miller signature

Concept Highlights

  • Based upon popular International model including SnowWorld Netherlands, SkiDubai, Harbin China
  • First U.S. project in Fairfax County VA (Washington DC Area), called “Fairfax Peak”
  • Plan to build approximately 20 to 25 additional Alpine-X venues throughout North America

Key Team Members

  • Bode Miller, Olympic Gold Medalist and World Cup Champion
  • Andy Wirth, Ski Industry Veteran and Resort Expert
  • John Emery, Former CEO Great Wolf Resorts
  • Jim Calder, Former CFO Great Wolf Resorts

Project Status

  • Received Approval from Fairfax County to begin first phase of development at Fairfax Peak
  • Partners selected for master planning, engineering,
  • Beginning phases of zoning
  • Progress on Fairfax Peak Master Plan and Design

Funding to Date

  • Private Seed Round
  • Over $1MM Invested via Republic Equity Crowdfunding platform

Investment Opportunity

Future investment opportunities may be available. Contact Us for more information.