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Since 2000, the Hokenson Group has provided a full range of Strategic Advisory and Marketing Consulting services to clients looking to augment existing business opportunities and enter new markets. In particular, the Hokenson Group specializes in developing and implementing partner-marketing strategies and deploying technology-aided marketing programs.

Distinguished from other service providers, the Hokenson Group provides not only a strategic review and definition but also moves through implementation to produce bottom-line results.

In order to ensure that a client’s business objectives are met, the Hokenson Group relies upon a proven methodology with defined outcomes at each phase:

  1. Engagement Definition
    • Develop Objectives of the Assignment
    • Establish Timelines
    • Identify Resources Available
  2. Existing Marketing Strategy Review and Assessment
    • Review Existing Client Marketing Activities
    • Confirm and Challenge Business Objectives
    • Recommend Integration of Certain Portions of Existing Strategy with Future Efforts
  3. Competitive Analysis and Market Positioning Study
    • Research Competitors’ Marketing Strategies
    • Assess Strengths and Weaknesses of Competitors
    • Identify Competitive Positioning Goals
  4. Marketing Strategy Definition
    • Clearly Define Components and Objectives of Revised Marketing Strategy
    • Draft Marketing Process and Timelines
    • Provide a Mechanism for Periodic Review of Strategy
  5. Marketing Infrastructure Development
    • Coordinate Necessary Resources
    • Document Roles and Responsibilities
    • Develop Process for Peer Review
  6. Implementation
  7. Review & Analysis
    • Review Implementation to Ensure Achievement of Objectives
    • Provide Baseline for Measuring Return on Investment
    • Assess Success Rate of Strategy
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