About Hokenson Group

Insight. Ideas. Action.

The Hokenson Group has built and launched many unique and successful brands over its 20+ year history. Both digital and physical products that fill a void in the market with brands that resonate with their target market.  The company and its strategic partners provide a full range of strategic advisory and marketing consulting services to clients looking to augment existing business opportunities and enter new markets.

The Hokenson Group provides a thorough evaluation of our client’s current market position and brand strategy,  as well future goals for customer acquisition and revenue. We create a forward-thinking roadmap of achievable milestones that moves through  a methodology proven to produce bottom-line results.

Our Process

We deploy a proven methodology and specialized teams tailored to every engagement. The results speak for them selves.

Engagement Definition

  1. Develop Objectives of the Assignment
  2. Establish Timelines
  3. Identify Resources Available

Marketing Audit

  1. Review Existing Client Marketing Activities
  2. Confirm and Challenge Business Objectives
  3. Recommend Integration of Certain Portions of Existing Strategy with Future Efforts

Competitive Analysis

  1. Market Positioning Study
  2. Research Competitors’ Marketing Strategies
  3. Assess Strengths and Weaknesses of Competitors
  4. Identify Competitive Positioning Goals

Marketing Strategy Definition

  1. Clearly Define Components and Objectives of Revised Marketing Strategy
  2. Draft Marketing Process and Timelines
  3. Provide a Mechanism for Periodic Review of Strategy

Marketing Infrastructure Development

  1. Coordinate Necessary Resources
  2. Document Roles and Responsibilities
  3. Develop Process for Peer Review

Implementation, Review and Analysis

  1. Implement brand strategy and campaign tactics
  2. Review Implementation to Ensure Achievement of Objectives
  3. Provide Baseline for Measuring Return on Investment
  4. Assess Success Rate of Strategy

Strategic Partners

Our clients can rest assured that they’ll have an “A-Team” of experienced professionals working to further their success in all project phases—from market research to design and implementation.