We’re a holding company founded to help emerging brands succeed and realize their vision. We develop, manage and grow portfolio companies with our diverse and experienced team of strategic partners and advisors.

Alpine-X is moving mountains by bringing full-scale indoor snowsports venues to metro areas throughout North America. The company’s mission of inclusion hopes to expose underrepresented groups to winter sports.

Player Pursuits is connecting the world of golf—from upcoming Junior players and their coaches and teachers, to top golf professionals and brands. 

Federal Leadership Institute is a respected provider of leadership training training programs to Federal Agencies. The FLI Network is an emerging technology platform seeking to connect the next generation of Government leaders.

Schël provides apparel and accessories of the highest quality standards to meet the performance needs of elite athletes and weekend warriors alike. Through advanced textile technology and innovative design, Schël makes gear that enables “The power within.”


The Hokenson Group has built and launched many unique and successful brands over its 20+ year history. Both digital and physical products that fill a void in the market with brands that resonate with their target markets.  The company and its strategic partners provide a full range of strategic advisory and marketing consulting services to clients looking to augment existing business opportunities and enter new markets.

The Hokenson Group provides a thorough evaluation of our client’s current market position and brand strategy,  as well future goals for customer acquisition and revenue. We create a forward-thinking roadmap of achievable milestones that moves through  a methodology proven to produce bottom-line results.


  • Strategic Branding and Positioning
  • Creative Design and Messaging
  • Communications Strategy and Tactics
  • Business Development and Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Strategy Consulting
  • Marketing and Public Relations Consulting
  • Results and ROI Analysis