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Hokenson Group co-founded and is developing the market penetration strategy for Alpine-X, a Joint-Venture with SnowWorld in the Netherlands. SnowWorld is a publicly-traded company that builds, owns, and operates Indoor Ski and Snowsports facilities throughout Europe. Alpine-X will build, own, and operate Indoor Snowsports Facilities throughout the U.S. and Mexico, in key strategic markets.

Concept Highlights

  • Based upon popular International model including SnowWorld Netherlands, SkiDubai, Harbin China
  • First U.S. project in Fairfax County VA (Washington DC Area), called “Fairfax Peak”
  • Plan to build approximately 20 to 25 additional Alpine-X venues throughout North America

Key Team Members

John Emery (Former CEO Great Wolf Resorts)

Jim Calder (Former CFO Great Wolf Resorts)

Project Status

Received Approval from Fairfax County to begin first phase of development at Fairfax Peak


Funded through Current Investment Round

Investment Opportunity

Investment opportunities are available in Alpine-X. Visit the company’s website via the link below to inquire.


Hokenson Group co-founded and is currently developing Politabase.