Inspired by biology's potential to transform agriculture. As a strategic advisor and early investor in Inocucor, Hokenson Group helped propel this company to incredible success.


Now known as Concentric AG, Inocucor was one of the first companies to commercialize specialty biological products for growers. The company uses fermentation as a tool for creating powerful biological products that can bring more sustainable practices to the world’s farms.

Hokenson Group was an early-stage investor and strategic advisor to Inocucor, a company that develops patented microbial solutions that reduce the need for chemicals and fertilizers in industrial-scale agriculture. Hokenson Group provided seed capital, co-developed the branding, product packaging, and positioning with 495 Digital, achieved the first set of sales. Hokenson Group also attracted additional investors and performed some of the first set of pitches to Venture Capitalists and other funding sources.

Today, Inocucor is growing rapidly, with a great brand, significant market penetration, a strong IP portfolio, and an accelerating valuation. 

Concept Highlights

  • Developed a portfolio of intellectual property
  • Launched several core products
  • Penetrated key industrial agriculture markets
  • Currently growing rapidly across North America

Key Team Members

  • Dr. Maggie Bywater, Co-Founder
  • Ananda Fitzsimmons, Co-Founder
  • Chris Cooper

Project Status

Key Markets Penetrated, Growth Stage


Fully Funded