Alpine-X Releases Concept Layout for Fairfax Peak

Building a large-scale development like our resort at Fairfax Peak (and our future developments elsewhere) can take a lot of time, so it’s exciting when we start to see some of the big pieces come together. And it’s even more exciting when we can share those images with our supporters!

Last week, we met with our architects, civil engineers, and several other team members at the Fairfax Peak site to refine our vision for Alpine-X at Fairfax peak. The following design highlights a high-level, conceptual layout (it is subject to change since we are still going through many parts of the design process), but we wanted to share this with the public!

The shape of the snow dome has a broad curve (we call it our “grand piano” shape!) so that we can extend the larger intermediate run and also build a steeper advanced run. We plan to include options for everyone at our resort: a small beginner/learner slope; a longer intermediate slope; an expert slope that can also be used for race training; a terrain park; a snow play area; an indoor adventure area; and many other entertainment, food and beverage, and retail options.

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